Hi, We are CV. Indo Fish Tank, which selling the best ornamental fish and we are located in Banyuwangi - East Java, Indonesia. We have been there since 8 years ago. Starting from our love to the exotic ornamental fish both of freshwater and marine fish. We also have shipment with high quantity to America, Europe, and Asia. From time to time and our experience, we always improve our quality control, system and adding our diverse type of species fish to fulfill customers satisfaction, whether to get a common or rare ornamental fish.


Our vision is to become a highly reputable company and competent in the field of ornamental fish trade, whether it be the best price, best quality and quantity of fish, best service, trusted trader, good communication and strong relationship. Your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. Feel free to contact us by yahoo messenger, email or phone number for any other information. Thanks and happy shopping with us.